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Inanna Cusi


Inanna Cusi was born in France to a Mexican father and Austrian mother. She grew up in Vancouver Island, Canada and joined Simon Fraser University's film program where she expanded herself as a filmmaker and artist and graduated in 2020 with a BFA.  She is a director, producer, cinematographer, and painter. She can run and organize large sets, and directs with a hands on approach able to write, film + sound, and edit with her one man crew.

She mixes experimental techniques of process-driven filmmaking with fictional narratives to push the bounds of cinema.


2016 - 2020 Bachelor in fine Arts at Simon Fraser University

​2013 - 2016 Frances Kelsey Secondary school


The Cinematheque - Once more with feeling -  April 9th 2022

Cineworks - Women in Nature 2022

Cineworks - Unknown Being and Artist talk 2022

RoundHouse CC - MemoryGami  Oct. - Nov. 2021

Toronto Arthouse Film Festival 2021

Female Eye Film festival 2021

Whistler Film Festival 2020

Chilliwack Independent Film Festival 2020

Colour Bars Collective Showcase 2020

​LA Women in Film Fest 2020

​Festival Courts d'un soir 2020

One-Reeler short film Competition - Award of Merit 2020

​Oregon Short Film Fest 2020

FCAT Undergraduate Conference 2020

​Local Sightings Film Fest - Pacific Northwest 2020

​Angewandte Festival, Vienna Austria - 2019

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