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Inanna Cusi has produced a number of short films and one feature film with tight budgets and high production values.



Makyo, is a low budget meditation/zen inspired feature film about a troubled young man, Abner, who searches for silence.  This film was shot in 2018 and is to be released this year 2022. 


Alone Around Others

Alone Around Other, is a medium length short film about an overgrown kid who can't make up his mind so everyone around him constantly tell him what to do.  It was recently shown at Cineworks Blackbox studio along with another one of the directors short films. 

Shorts Poster.jpg


Composure is a comedic short about a woman dealing with grief while having to working a service job.

Directed by Paige Fast.

Far too soon after the death of her husband, 30 year old Michelle is forced to find work in the service industry to make ends meet. Still grappling with a deep and pervasive sense of loss, she is thrust head first into navigating the most bewildering of customer requests. As the relentless positivity culture pushes her to her breaking point, Michelle evades a close friend's attempts to reach her.

For screener link contact the director Paige Fast 

Played at Chilliwack independent film festival 2020

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